About Me

about my veganism ... about my TASTES ....

In my mind, I am looking for a specific moment when my veganism began .... I remember at a meeting on which one woman mentioned that she was vegan, and then I asked this "favorite" vegans question: "what are you eating? ? ":) In response, the lady smiled heartily at me. Thus, she forced me to search for a bothering question myself. I started to dig deeper into the topic of veganism, I started to read and understand more and more each time. Later I slowly began introduce this new knowledge into my own kitchen. After moving to Norway, I got a taste for plants. The wild, hursh nature, but also peace and quiet were conductive to this process. I wanted to share my vegan cooking with people.... and this is how VeganSmak was created.

SMAK in polish and norwegian means the same - TASTE